About Us


 We are 100%  Digital and  IT Solutions Providing company like ERP Solutions for School, Colleges, Universities & Corporates), College Application Development (Windows, Android & iOS app), Library Automation using KOHA Software, Mobile based eLibrary, ELearning Platforms, Special Reading platform like Kindle.

 We are enabling academic, corporate and public libraries build an online presence with our affordable, easy to deploy eLibrary platform, digital company that focuses on combining the technology you need with the content you want, We are providing Millions of e books , Journal articles and Multimedia, Hundreds of News boards, All domains and subject areas, Aggregating all library subscribed, curated and  access knowledge onto a single online location... much like your library building but with unlimited space

 Leveraging the power of smart phones and tablets to make sure users get 24x7, uninterrupted, services to remote access to library collections and never saying "not our job" to any problem faced by a library.

 Special Company Features for our Clients:-
1.    Every User, Every Device, Everywhere
2.    Improve skills, knowledge and performance
3.    Largest digital catalog on a single site
4.    Resources to help you succeed
5.    Measure your Success
6.    Offer more than just Ebooks
7.    Edutech R & D Labs

Our Products are qualifying for 5 criteria’s out of 7 criteria’s
1.    Curricular Aspect
2.    Teaching- Learning & Evaluation
3.    Research, Consultancy & Extension
4.    Infrastructure & Learning Resources
5.    Governance, Leadership & Management
6.    Innovation & Best Practices
7.    Student Support & Progression