GKlass is used in most of our deployment where an audio visual classroom are created in resource-starved schools for digital education and empowering the teachers to delivery quality education to students and help increase the student attendance and knowledge. The product proves to be a perfect product for the new age digital education delivery.

It focuses on enhancing teaching skills by comprehensive mapping of the curriculum with the syllabus and breaking them into micro modules on itsGKlass platform.

  • 1. The communicative approach promotes the development of "21st Century Skills" that will help students to student to explore new concept.
  • 2. Motivate students, particularly under-achieving students, to learn and engage.
  • 3. Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.
  • 1. Help the child’s needs and motivate them to produce the best results in exams.
  • 2. Ensure and regulate child’s continuous progress without fail.
  • 3. Improves productivity and gain renewed motivation in e-learning environments.